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Budokon Academy 

Type of Facility /Client: Budokon Academy

Address: 2935 Griffith Street, Charlotte, NC

Size:  5,200 SF

Construction Cost: N/A


Project Description:

The project is a renovation of a 1950’s warehouse structure, with high ceilings and exposed bow trusses.

The design calls for 2 large studio spaces, one primarily for yoga, and the larger one for exercise classes. The renovation will also create new toilets/lockers, a lounge space, manager’s office, and merchandising/display.


The proposed studio is part of a larger warehouse building, and


Special considerations are;

  1. The flooring for the yoga studio will have a cushion, and is specifically designed for this use.

  2.  The site will accommodate just enough parking spaces to meet the zoning ordinance, and is a block from a light rail line station in South End, a very popular part of Charlotte.

  3. Finally, the interior spaces are very open, so way finding for studios and related functions is easier on staff to observe various activities.

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