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January 2023




Happy New Year to all, and wishes for health and happiness in 2023!


It has been a very busy and productive year.

We have several new projects in various phases, as follows:



Projects in design:


Raintree Country Club; We are redesigning the main maintenance/storage building (20,000 sf), and incorporating a new golf cart storage ‘room’ (over 10,000 sf), so all carts can be washed/parked/charged at the end of a busy day of golf.


Evolution Aquatics Expansion, East Harris Road, Huntersville

This project includes a new outdoor Olympic size pool, a huge splash pad and water slide, lots of pool deck space, a playground, walking paths, and covered outdoor areas. These features will complement the 2 indoor pools and other athletic uses in the current building.

(see renderings on revolving photos page).


Lancaster County, South Carolina, Medical Examiner facility: Through an RFQ process, we were selected to design the expansion and renovations to the 13-year-old location of this county building. The project will more than double the size of the existing spaces, increase parking for staff as well as county vehicles, and include a sally port, for secured body drop off and pick up.


Mecklenburg County Affordable Senior Apartment units. Again, after an RFQ process, we were selected to renovate 2 current ‘extended stay’ hotel buildings, with a total of 95 units. These buildings were constructed in 1999, and the scope includes new roofing, windows, mechanical equipment, flooring, etc…..The design will incorporate additional meeting areas and a management office, to replace former hotel uses on the ground floor.


Hugh Chatham Hospital Renovations to Sterile Processing Department: This hospital, located in Elkin, NC, is a long-standing client (from a major addition/renovation in 2005), and has engaged us to expand the heavily used department that serves the 6 adjacent operating rooms, and other units where patient procedures occur. This expansion is a multi-phased effort, with current staff areas to be relocated out of the department to ‘create’ the new SPD suite that is double the current size, so the current department can still function without disruption.


Projects completed in 2022, with photos posted on ‘revolving photos page:


  1. Telware Storage Building

  2. IMMBC church site improvements and building renovation.

  3. ILIM Montessori School, Pineville, NC

  4. Nicole and Brandon Armstrong Addition/Renovation to Residence

  5. Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner Body Cooler Addition

  6. Anne Neilson Art Gallery Interior renovation for new location





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