March 2022



Welcome back to our website, it is still a work in progress, but do not want to be totally out of commission.


Over the last year, several projects have been designed, as well as constructed. These are a true variety of building types, which keeps us creative!


We also have new projects in various phases, but let’s start with completed works.


RB Pharr new offices, 969 E. 7th Street, Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28204

 this 2,000-sf space for a surveying company has private offices, open office, conference space, and support areas for employees.  The company moved from an older building, which had over 4,000 sf, so one very important goal was to make sure that ‘everything necessary’ fit in the new space, including their equipment, plotter, flat files, break space, surveying instruments, etc….to sum it up, ALL GOOD.


ILIM School, 601 N Polk St Suite L, Pineville NC,

 This project was a very intense renovation to a 30-year-old mixed use building, and has 16 classrooms, teachers’ offices, conference space, and support areas, all in approximately 12,000 sf. The renovation has new walls, glass doors, lighting, mechanical, room finishes, and cabinets.

There is also a very large outdoor play space, secured by an opaque fence and gates.

SEL Renovation (Schweitzer Engineering Labs), 1912 Crossbeam Drive, Charlotte

SEL specializes in creating digital products and systems that protect, control, and automate power systems around the world. This technology prevents blackouts and improves power system reliability and safety at a reduced cost. The location at 1912 Cross Beam Drive is an operations center, with offices, tech areas, warehouse, and staff support space.


Mecklenburg County Medical Examiners Offices, Body Cooler Addition and Special Autopsy Renovation, 3440 Reno Avenue,

This project includes a new body cooler with capacity for 80, in a planned addition on the back of the original building (designed by Angelo Architects in 2007). The strategic location allows for access to the main autopsy suite, as well as to the body staging space (through a storage room converted into a short connecting corridor).

The other main component of the project was to reconfigure the autopsy stations purchased in 2008 to be more ‘user friendly’ in the current special autopsy room. This included changes to mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and of course the stainless-steel wall mounted autopsy stations.


New Projects:


Simatec US Headquarters, 13325 South Point Drive, is a new 18,000 sf facility for a Swiss Company. The 2-acre site includes staff/visitor parking, a truck dock court, and an extensive landscaped plaza for employees.


Evolution Aquatics expansion, Harris Road, Huntersville

This project includes a new Olympic size pool, a huge splashpad and water slide, lots of pool deck space, a playground, a walking path, and covered outdoor areas. These features will complement the 2 indoor pools and other athletic uses in the current building.